i-LEXIT! The healthy

The ideal boxwood substitute

Environmentally friendly, healthy and not susceptible to fungal diseases and boxwood caterpillars

Say hello to the unique brand i-LEXIT!, the healthy and 100% sustainable alternative. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have green fingers or not at all; i-LEXIT! will make your garden or balcony
a better place. i-LEXIT! contains an assortment of plants, including the Ilex Dark Green®, which are little affected or completely immune to diseases and pests.


The plants in the i-LEXIT! range are very healthy plants, and highly resistant or immune to diseases and pests. They’re easy to prune, and maintain their beautiful leaf colour all year round. They’re available in various sizes, which makes them ideal for either high hedges or low hedges, or for pruning into any imaginable shape. Some of the unique characteristics:


  • Insensitive to fungal disease or to being eaten by the boxwood moth caterpillar
  • Thanks to their resilience, no chemical or other pesticides are necessary, so the plant is 100% sustainable
  • Disease-resistant, so a sustainable plant for the garden
  • Selected as a base plant for 27 kilometres of hedges in the gardens of Dutch stately home ‘Paleis het Loo’
  • Tolerates pruning very well
  • Can be used as a low hedge or high hedge
  • Can be pruned into a block, sphere, pyramid or fantasy shape
  • Grows compactly and quickly with growth shoots up to 30 cm per year
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