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What type of soil will my Ilex thrive best in?
An Ilex grows best in well-drained soil with a pH of ±4.5; treat it like a rhododendron, and plant it in a bed of rhododendron soil.

What requirements does the soil for my Ilex have to meet?
The soil must in any case be well-drained, and preferably slightly acidic (pH of ±4.5). Rhododendron soil, which can be purchased at any garden centre, is a good option.

What’s the best size shrub to plant a hedge with?
This depends entirely on the intended result, but we recommend starting with a shrub from P14 10-20 cm. These plants have a well-developed root system, and are healthy enough to form a nice hedge, even in more adverse conditions.

Do I have to remove the mesh (burlap) from the root ball before planting?
No, you don’t have to, but always cut the knot on top of the root ball. This is thicker and will take more time to decompose.

When’s the best time of year to plant my Ilex?
The best time to plant an Ilex is after the last frost, and before mid-October.


When can I prune Ilex?
The best time to prune the Ilex is between April and October.

How far back can I prune the Ilex?
Ilex tolerates pruning very well, but don’t prune back to the bare wood; always try to leave some leaves on the Ilex.


Is Ilex related to boxwood?
No, it looks a lot like boxwood, but they are not related.


When and how often should I fertilise my Ilex?
Ilex Crenata needs quite a lot of fertiliser. We recommend fertilising twice a year with a product for fast-growing, evergreen hedges. It’s a good idea to fertilise after pruning.


Does Ilex need a lot of water?
No, the soil must be moist, but the Ilex doesn’t tolerate excessive water.

Diseases and pests

Does Ilex also suffer from boxwood moth?
No, Ilex is immune to it, as has been proven in practice and research.

Does Ilex suffer from fungus just like boxwood?

No, the Ilex doesn’t suffer from this.

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